Cleopatra Slot Game: Classic Five-Reel Video Slot With RTP Around 95.02%

Cleopatra Slot Game: Classic Five-Reel Video Slot With RTP Around 95.02%

Cleopatra Slot Game – Cleopatra, the enigmatic Queen of the Nile, has captivated hearts and minds for centuries. Her allure continues to thrive in modern times, thanks to the Cleopatra slot. This review delves into the world of Cleopatra slot, exploring its theme, gameplay, volatility, return to player (RTP), and bonus features. Join us on a journey through time and space to uncover the treasures hidden in this popular slot game.

Cleopatra Slot Game: Classic Five-Reel Video Slot With RTP Around 95.02%

Below, I will provide a review of Cleopatra Slot Game along with its RTP and volatility.

Theme: A Glimpse into Ancient Egypt

The Cleopatra slot is a time machine that transports players back to the enchanting world of Ancient Egypt. The game’s theme is a mesmerizing blend of pharaohs, pyramids, and hieroglyphics, capturing the essence of this fascinating period. The background features an Egyptian desert landscape with the iconic pyramids silhouetted against the setting sun, creating a visually stunning atmosphere.

The symbols on the reels include Cleopatra herself, the Sphinx, scarab beetles, and other elements synonymous with Ancient Egypt. This captivating theme immerses players in the magic of the past, adding a unique dimension to their gaming experience.

Gameplay: A Journey through the Nile

Cleopatra is a classic five-reel video slot with 20 paylines, offering players a straightforward yet thrilling gaming experience. To start, players select the number of paylines and the bet per line.

The game’s gameplay is smooth and enjoyable, with the reels spinning gracefully to reveal exciting combinations of symbols. The enchanting background music and authentic sound effects transport players to the heart of ancient Egypt, enhancing the overall experience.

One of Cleopatra’s standout features is the ‘Cleopatra Wild’ symbol, which not only acts as a substitute for other symbols but also doubles the win when it’s part of a winning combination. This feature can significantly boost a player’s winnings.

Volatility: The Sands of Uncertainty

Cleopatra slot has a medium volatility level, which means that it strikes a balance between frequent, smaller wins and the occasional larger payouts. Players can expect to experience a mix of low and high-value wins, making the game engaging and suspenseful.

This volatility level is ideal for players who enjoy a mix of excitement and the potential for substantial payouts. The anticipation of big wins while still enjoying regular rewards keeps players engaged and entertained throughout their gaming sessions.

Return to Player (RTP): Seeking Hidden Riches

Cleopatra slot boasts a competitive RTP of approximately 95.02%. This percentage indicates the theoretical return to players over the long term. While RTP doesn’t guarantee individual results, it suggests that the game offers favorable odds and is not overly weighted in favor of the casino.

Bonus Features: Unlocking the Treasures of Egypt

Cleopatra offers an array of bonus features that enhance the gameplay and provide additional opportunities for players to win big. Among the most notable is the ‘Cleopatra Free Spins’ feature, triggered when three or more Sphinx symbols appear anywhere on the reels. This feature awards players 15 free spins, during which all winnings are tripled. It’s an exciting bonus that can lead to substantial payouts.

If you’re keen on giving the Cleopatra Slot Game a go, I suggest trying it out on the reputable slot platform Megaplay offers several benefits, including a favorable win rate and RTP, generous bonuses, and increased chances of hitting the jackpot.


Cleopatra slot game is a captivating journey through the mystique of ancient Egypt. Its enchanting theme, smooth gameplay, medium volatility, competitive RTP, and enticing bonus features make it a must-try for both novice and experienced players. With Cleopatra by your side, you can embark on an adventure to uncover the treasures hidden in the heart of the Nile. Will you be the one to claim the queen’s riches? Spin the reels and find out!

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