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Monopoly Electric Wins Slot Review: RTP 96.51% (WMS)

Monopoly Electric Wins Slot Review

You must be searching for the Monopoly Electric Wins slot review as you hope to boost the game. WMS has its own Monopoly-themed slots, but it isn’t the only company to do so; many others have followed suit with their branded games. 

This game appears to be one of the more approachable games in terms of volatility and RTP, but there’s more to this game than just above-average numbers. Fans of the massively popular board game will find an appealing option in this slot machine, which borrows heavily from the original.

Best of Monopoly Electric Wins Slot Review

Monopoly Electric Wins is a 6×3 slot machine with 729 ways to win. You’ll be working towards a goal worth 1,000 times your stake, but you’ll also be playing a game with low-medium volatility and a 96.51% RTP, which should satisfy the majority of players. 

We’d like to call attention to its wilds and scatters, as well as a variety of cool reel modifiers, multiplier wilds, and free spins.

1. Betting Options

In Monopoly Electric Wins slot review, your selection will be limited to the total amount that can be used in the next spin. The smallest bet you can make is $0.20, and the largest is $15. Your bet, regardless of its size, covers all possible ways to win.

Monopoly Electric Wins isn’t the kind of game you’d play to make a lot of money. Even so, a top jackpot worth 1,000 times the stake, or up to $15,000, can be a good reward and can mean a lot. Even better, because the volatility is low to medium, the average player’s short-term risk is low (your mileage may vary).

Another aspect of the game that we like is the average amount returned to players. It has a reported RTP of 96.51%, which is higher than the average new game’s offer.

2. Game Features

The wild symbol should be familiar to you among the game’s features, which were designed to make it interesting and add more payouts for the player. It doesn’t play a big role, but it’s on the first five reels, so it’ll help you win a lot of money if there are regular symbols to help you out from its current position. 

A 2x multiplier can be applied if a wild contributes to a win. If there are multiple wilds, you add the multipliers together (up to 10x combined multipliers from five wilds). You’ll need a 6th reel scatter that round to get the multipliers, which will turn all regular wilds into multiplier versions.

Another prominent feature of the slot machine is the board game that inspired it, which can be seen spinning around the reels. Aside from the fact that each spin allows you to form winning combos, there are also dice rolls that allow you to move forward on the board. 

When you land on a property, you take control of it and upgrade it once you have all of the same-colored locations. As a result, you’ll have a better chance of winning the free spins, which will have more extra features for you to use.

The free spins are triggered if you upgrade at least two or three properties of a specific color to hotels. It involves a dice roll that can result in anywhere from 4 to 16 rounds. During the free spins, you can win cash prizes by moving up the board.

3. Theme and Design

It’s obvious that it’s a Monopoly-themed slot machine, with many of the expected graphics and tokens on the reels. The board is placed around the game area, with the reels in the center. 

Neon-style tokens (car, ship, dinosaur), as well as pictures of the police, dog, rings, community chest, and Mr. Monopoly, are among the symbols. Although the neon-like influence on its design isn’t typical of the brand, it’s still easy to spot and gives it a futuristic feel.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion of Monopoly Electric Wins slot review, the game is a type of Daftar Situs Judi Slot Online Gacor that can be enjoyed by players.

While it may not offer the same thrilling top payouts as other real money slots, it does have a familiar design, a variety of features, and, best of all, it is based on a board game. We found its possibility to be quite acceptable at 1,000x the stake due to its low-medium volatility.

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