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Book of Atem: Slot Review: Bonus, Theme, RTP & Paylines

Book of Atem: Slot

Book of Atem: Slot Review. All41Studios, a young, independent Estonian company that collaborates with Microgaming, brings us the most recent in a long line of “Book of” slots. Book of Atem is currently at their fourth position, with a small but continuously expanding library of games. Maybe the fourth release will succeed after their first three failed to have much of an impact?

They have made the decision to imitate the hugely popular Book of Ra style slot in order to assist them develop something that would appeal to the gaming community. Although it appears to have been improved, the game actually has essentially the same stats and features. Will All41Studios achieve success by throwing in the creative towel and putting together a fake slot?

The aesthetics are surprisingly creative when the imitation gameplay is temporarily set aside. The background is well illustrated and shows a setting that is unusual for slot machines. Atem, also known as Atum, was a divinity regarded as the world’s culmination. Everything, including other gods, was made of his flesh, and at the conclusion of a cycle, he would reduce the universe to a state of watery chaos.

Although the background scene in Book of Atem: Slot is a serene lake at the back of a castle or temple, the guy sounds rather intense. It appears to be the sort of space where he would relax or have visitors. It’s a pleasant difference from the typical Ancient Egyptian settings we see, which are dark temples, caves, and scenes lighted by torches. Make the most of the intimacy because it is about the only uniquely original part of Book of Atem that you will find.

Users begin the game by tapping the teeny tiny coins icon to choose wagers ranging from 10 cents per spin to £/€25 per spin. The controls are quite small on mobile devices. The paytable, settings, and Autospin choices are located next to the coin slots. Open that up to reveal 9 pay symbols from the regular game and 1 bonus symbol. The first five low paying symbols are themed versions of card royals.

These are supported by four visual symbols: the Pharaoh emblem, striking cobras, lanner falcons, and pink lotuses. High-paying symbols only require two matching symbols, whereas low-paying symbols require three. At 500 times the stake for a five of a kind combination, the Pharaoh is the top dog at this establishment.

Similar to numerous early “Book of” games, the statistics list is short but satisfying. First off, there are just 10 fixed paylines on a 5×3 grid that need to be considered. Volatility is set to a high level, and the RTP is respectable at 96.45%. As before, the book symbol is the key to obtaining the best parts, but the standard game also performs admirably, with a hit rate of 29.8% and strong symbol values.

Book of Atem: Slot Features

If you’ve already played Book of Ra, you can skip this section because you’ll know precisely what to expect. If not, let me give you a brief summary. There is only one additional symbol, and it is the huge book. It has the advantage of serving as both the dispersion and the wild, which is fantastic. It may appear anywhere on the reels, and when three or more appear simultaneously, a trigger is activated. 10 No-Cost Spins.

The book opens and one of the pay symbols is randomly chosen to be the special symbol before the free spins start. These unique symbols expand to cover the entire reel they are on when two or more of them land on a free spin (three for lesser value card royals).

The fact that these extended symbols can form winning combinations without being adjacent to one another is what makes them unique. They can now make substantial sums of money because of this.

During bonus rounds, book symbols continue to appear, which allows for the possibility of more rounds of free spins. The book also acts as a wild symbol, substituting for all other pay symbols save for expanded symbols during free spins. While the gameplay may seem simple at first—and it is—the wins may really add up when enlarged symbols are in play.

Book of Atem: Slot Conclusion

The proverb “if you can’t defeat ’em, join ’em” is validated by the Book of Atem: slot. After three subpar games, All41Studios has come out swinging with a game that looks great and has great playability. If you overlook the fact that the gameplay is a perfect replica of other vintage “Book” slots, it would be a recipe for success. Because of this, it is challenging to give a judgment and rating to a game like Book of Atem: Slot.

You cannot take away points from it for the gameplay, which has wowed throngs of gamers ever since it initially appeared on the scene. Here, everything that fans of the original games enjoyed has been kept. High-quality graphics are used, and the background image is unique, so props to whoever came up with the layout.

However, it must be denied that this slot is entirely unoriginal. Nothing about this hasn’t been seen before, many times over. Is Book of Atem: Slot a sincere ode to a vintage slot machine or only a last-ditch effort to generate some revenue?

If we were to judge by the artwork, it would appear that the former is the case, and it is an improvement over earlier mediocre attempts like Le Kaffee Bar and Lock A Luck. But if you were to duplicate one of the most well-liked slots ever, you may anticipate that. Microgaming might currently be having significant reservations about the cooperation if All41Studios had botched a slam dunk that is a duplicate of Book of Ra.

In the end, Book of Atem: Slot is a fun okeplay777 login game with attractive graphics and a good chance of winning up to 5,000 times the initial investment. Veterans may be turned off by the obvious copy, while younger players should enjoy a “Book of” slot with updated current graphics.

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